Proven Addiction Prevention Education Programs

Posted: October 21st, 2022

The most significant gap in coming up with more effective, actionable, and prosperous policies is giving voice to the populations and their families who have lived through it.  Nothing about us, without us, is the demand for justice from the very source itself, those in long-term recovery.  How can policymakers develop an effective policy if they are not bringing the recovery community leaders to the table?  

How could any policy be written without the people who have the disease of substance use disorder (SUD)?  It is impossible!!!  It would be analogous to Congressional leaders sitting down with Luciano Pavarotti and saying, "teach us to sing like you."  

Social justice demands that the leaders in the recovery community keep a "seat at the table," and are taken seriously!  Otherwise, in my opinion, we will continue to "fly blind,” having few people actually in recovery offering crucial input in policy reform and the necessity for PROVEN ADDICTION PREVENTION EDUCATION PROGRAMS in all areas of a community.  

SUD is a symptom of deeper issues in a person (trauma history being the most common denominator).  That, in my opinion, is the "tip of the iceberg" of coming to understand the WHY.  Without understanding the WHY, the WHAT continues to be billions wasted on ineffective and/or non-existent programs geared toward prevention education.